House Arrest Will Not Stop Lindsay Lohan From Whoring Out Paid Endorsements

As you may have heard, budding Harvey Fierstein impressionist Lindsay Lohan is under house arrest for being a menace to society or something. But you didn’t think that would stop LiLo from making some bread, did you?

Of course not! Because you can’t keep an entrepreneur of her caliber down, Lindsay is apparently filming, well, paid endorsements I suppose — since calling this a commercial is a bit of stretch — that are being posted to the Internet.

“Lindsay Lohan takes a break from her recent home confinement to share her new found passion for the countless bargains available at,” reads the description of the spot she filmed in her living room(?) for Beezid, a penny auction site. TMZ reports that, for her half-assed 18 second effort, Lohan was paid an “undisclosed amount” and given a $10,000 line of credit with the site.

Wait, is she pointing a gun at us in that picture in the background that we photoshopped a Sad Don Draper in above? Why yes, I do believe she is! And is that a replica of that Eiffel Tower, just like the one they have in Vegas? Without a doubt. Classy!

In other Lohan news, Lindsay’s father was hit by a bus recently and his ex-girlfriend was arrested for biting her husband on their wedding night.

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