Not Sure If Serious: Huffington Post Now Has A Sideboob News Page

Entertainment Editor
06.06.12 3 Comments

Not sure if brilliant click-whoring or sign of end times.

Are you a news connoisseur who demands only the finest and most creepily specific in news aggregation? Are you, in fact, so fancy that you wouldn’t have to phonetically spell connoisseur in Google to find the correct spelling? Well la dee da, your majesty.

Now The Huffington Post has got you covered (and celebs uncovered, as it were). Buzzfeed tipped us off that there is now an actual website called Huffington Post Sideboob. Yes. The Huffington Post has entered the sideboob news business. All sideboob news, all the time, and nothing but. Looking around the site (IMPORTANT WORK-RELATED DUTIES), I’ve learned five things:

  1. HuffPo can’t decide if it’s spelled “sideboob” or “side boob.” We feel it’s important enough to justify a compound word.
  2. There is a disturbing lack of sideboob on this page. If you’re going to create an entire vertical dedicated to the elusive sideboob, go all in.
  3. I feel as though the font they chose for the masthead is too formal for this subject. Lucida Console font or Futura Light seems more appropriate.
  4. I haven’t seen the word sideboob this often since that time I saw my dad’s Google search history.
  5. It’s over. Journalism is over. Please turn off the lights on your way out.

And you thought HuffPo Divorce was a ridiculous premise, didn’t you?

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