If You’re In The Market For A Scud Missile Or A Tank, We’ve Got The Auction For You

07.01.14 4 years ago

Jacques Littlefield may have passed away in 2009, but the Californian’s appreciation of serious military hardware will live on in a new museum that will be paid for with a very special auction. The Military Vehicle Technology Foundation will be auctioning off as many as 200 pieces from Littlefield’s collection in San Mateo County, CA on July 11 and 12 in order to create the new museum that will serve as a home for the remainder of his massive collection of tanks, carriers, jeeps and even scud missiles. Collectors and hopefully well-screened enthusiasts will choose from hardware and vehicles from just about every global conflict of the last 100 years, so people in search of that special something from the Hungarian Uprising better stretch those arms to get ready for all of the bidding.

The more common items can be picked up for a few thousand dollars, but the real bread-winner is expected to be a Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H tank from the 1967 Six Day War that is valued at a whopping $2.6 million, according to KPIX. That better get some seriously good gas mileage for that kind of MSRP.

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