Internet Comedian Named ‘Jonnie Marbles’ Delivers Pie To Rupert Murdoch’s Face (UPDATED)


If you haven’t been watching the hearing in which News Corp’s Rupert and James Murdoch are being grilled by members of the British Parliament over the News of the World phone hacking scandal, then you’re seriously missing out. To say that it’s been distracting me from my work today would be a gross misstatement — completely riveting and comical, and that was before an internet comedian/anarchist who goes by the name of Jonnie Marbles delivered a shaving cream pie to the face of Rupert Murdoch. It’s like a Monty Python version of the Watergate hearings.

Here’s video of the incident from MSNBC. Be sure to keep an eye on Murdoch’s wife Wendi rush to his defense — MSNBC noted that she’s a former volleyball player who delivered a “spike” to Jonnie Marbles’ face.

Even better, homeboy tweeted these final words before he launched his attack…

As they say, you can’t make this sh*t up. But hey…look at the bright side, Rupe. At least it wasn’t a horse semen pie!

Finally, here’s an awful YouTube video made by the internet’s new infamous viral star. Too bad he couldn’t at least be funny like our favorite internet comedian named “Marbles” — the lovely Jenna Marbles.

While the attack did probably help frame Rupert Murdoch as a much more sympathetic figure than he was coming off as earlier, he did seem to sprout horns when he returned to testify after the recess.

And the pie now has its own Twitter feed, because of course it does…

In all of this, the shame of the ex naturally reared its ugly head

Finally, if all of this looked vaguely familiar to you, well

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