Introducing The ‘Personal Space Dress’ That Nonchalantly Tells Guys To Get Lost

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05.21.14 2 Comments

The folks behind the website Urban Armor don’t take their ideas too seriously, at least not as immediate technological advancements to finally solve all of the biggest, creepiest problems facing society. Instead, it’s more of a forum for DIY entrepreneurs to share their ideas for devices that help women protect their personal space in public. Basically, that girl who sort of flashed you a half-smile on the bus last week doesn’t want you to sit down next to her and tell her all about your hair doll collection, but maybe you just can’t take a hint. Instead, she’ll allow her new “Personal Space Dress” to do the talking for her, as it slowly pushes you away while she pretends that she can’t hear you over the noise.

Along with the “Miss-My-Face” light (which is straight out of an episode of Almost Human) and the “Autofilter” face mask, the Personal Space Dress was designed as an idea to help show people the problems that women face sometimes when they’re in tight quarters, like a subway car or New York City apartment. But thanks to Urban Armor’s detailed instructions, you can actually make one of these dresses for yourself, and this wonderful video will help explain why you should consider it.

A great idea, sure, but how long until some perverted genius out there simply develops a motorized expandable shoe mirror and video recorder that instantly uploads videos to 4chan? Who am I kidding, it probably already exists.

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