Jay Leno Will Use Your YouTube Video On His Show, Then Issue A Takedown Notice For Copyright Infringement

05.25.12 6 Comments

I think it’s abundantly clear at this point that Jay Leno is evil. Just ask Letterman and/or Conan. I mean, is there anyone even debating that at this point?

Oh, actually there is: Splitsider contributor Roger Cormier recently argued that Jay Leno is not evil in an essay titled, “Jay Leno Is Not Evil.”

Cormier writes:

Jay Leno is not the Antichrist. There are no devil’s horns underneath his thick gray hair. He does not exist in this world to bring harm and misfortune to those more deserving of the spotlight.

Take note of that last sentence, dear UPROXX reader: “He does not exist in this world to bring harm and misfortune to those more deserving of the spotlight.”

Now fast forward to today and take into consideration the plight of Cormier’s Splitsider colleague, Brian Kamerer. He writes — in a post titled “An Open Letter to Jay Leno About Stealing My Video and Then Getting It Removed From YouTube” — about a funny video he and his friend Travis made a few years ago that Leno later used in a skit. Then, after using the video on his nightly exercise in excruciating banality, the plantain-chinned hair monster then had the cojones to issue a copyright claim on the video, resulting in the video Kamerer and his friend made being pulled from YouTube.

In 2007 my good friend Travis Irvine was running for mayor of his home town, Bexley, Ohio. He asked for help making him a funny campaign commercial. So together, me and my pal Travis composed, performed and recorded an original campaign jingle onto my four track (we did, not you). Then, I directed and shot a silly music video for that song featuring Travis strolling about his town, looking patriotic, friendly and mayoral. Remember that video?

I think you might, because in 2009 Travis called me about it. He was in a frenzy and needed to know if I’d seen your show that night, which of course I had not. You see, Travis had received a call from a high school friend who claimed to have seen Travis on The Jay Leno Show. So the next day, we both watched your show on the internet, and sure enough our video was in a piece at the end. I remember it was at the end because I had to watch the whole show to find it and boy that is a long show, it felt like I was watching forever. How long was your show, like three hours? During the bit you played five stupid local campaign commercials and one of those commercials was the video I was telling you about earlier. After you played our video on national television, you said something like, “I love that song!” as the audience cheered in approval. So thank you for that. It was nice of you.

Anyway, it was a good laugh for Travis and I, but we forgot all about it a few weeks later. End of story, right? Apparently not, Mr. Leno.

I’ll have you know that I was searching for our said video on YouTube, and it turns out that the video has been blocked. Blocked by you! Isn’t that fucked up?

Now, if you try to watch our video (and again this is the video that had nothing to do with you until you used it in your show without asking) on YouTube it’s just a big black sign that basically says, “the makers of this video stole this video from NBC, so you can’t watch it!” Jay, what in the hell is going on here?

I reiterate: Jay Leno is f*cking evil. He’s probably drinking a breakfast of puppy blood from a chalice right this second.

Here’s the video he had removed from YouTube, btw, which is now on Funny or Die.

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