Jennifer Lawrence Once Stalked John Stamos To The Point He Asked If She Was On Mushrooms

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02.06.13 20 Comments

It only takes a single tequila and boobs chatfest from Jennifer Lawrence for me to pay close attention every time she appears on a late night talk show going forward. And when everyone’s favorite lovely and ego-less Oscar nominee appeared on Conan last night she of course did not disappoint.

First off we have this headlining gem of a story about the time our girl saw John Stamos at a party and spent the entire night “following him into rooms and staring at his ass.” Yeah, it’s probably the best fifty-five seconds you’ll spend today.


I don’t which part I love more, that Katniss Everdeen goes full Troy Barnes when she meets Uncle Jesse or that he asked her if she was on shrooms. Classic Stamos.

While we’re having so much here’s the rest of her interview where she talks about playing a high school mascot on Monk and her family’s affinity for the King of Beers. Yep.


Never. Forget.

My god that woman is the best.

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