Jimmy Kimmel Asks People On The Street Who Won The Debate A Day Early, Confirms Everything Wrong With American Politics

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10.17.12 5 Comments

Presidential Debates are a silly exercise where useless words are spoken and favorable facts from studies no one has ever heard of are spewed, and in the end simply provide yet another avenue for people to tell you why the other guy is a sucky liar who will burn this great nation of ours down to the ground.

That’s why it is all so very refreshing when Jimmy Kimmel asks people on the street who won last night’s debate… a day early, hours before the town hall actually took place. Because of course they all have an answer and original thought to back it up. If anything I’m impressed this many random people on the street knew the candidates. Pat yourself on the back, America. Except for all the lying, of course.

Also, bravo to JKL for amassing quite the eclectic sampling to showcase that every single demographic is the worst. Shirtless guy to GNR roadie is quite the transition.

JKL via Gawker

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