Jon Stewart: 'Damn You, Internet, And Your Insatiable Love Of Cats!'

02.08.13 6 years ago 3 Comments

A while back Hasbro announced that it was replacing one of its iconic Monopoly game pieces with something more modern. Jon Stewart really wanted a robot to be the new piece added to the 110 year-old board game. It makes sense too. I mean, who wouldn’t want a robot? It makes SO much sense. One problem: the vote to decide what the new piece would be was held on the internet. I’ll give you one guess as to what the internet chose.

“Damn you, Internet, and your insatiable love of cats! The internet and their cats,” Stewart lamented. “I’m serious, if the presidential election was held online, this (points to picture of an LOL cat) would be our new commander-in-chief. The internet loves cats.”


I, for one, welcome our new cat overlords.

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