Jon Stewart On Newt Gingrich’s Proposed Moon Colony: ‘A F-ing Moon Base?!’

01.27.12 3 Comments

One of the deepest fears of the Republican establishment in regards to Newt Gingrich’s recent surge in the polls has been that he’s prone to say things that most people think are outrageously crazy. “He’s too grandiose” is a frequently floated criticism — and has been for years. Grandiose is just Newt being Newt. He thinks of ridiculous things and say them out loud, in public, where people can hear them. Like making kids in poor black neighborhoods work as janitors at their schools so they’ll learn some work ethic.

With that said, you may have have heard that Newt Gingrich announced the other day that, if elected president, he plans to establish a colony on the moon — a permanent U.S. base that would become a state once it accumulated 13,000 inhabitants — and have regular tourist flights to Mars.

Yeah. Cue the merciless mocking from Jon Stewart…

“A moon base?! Your solution to being accused of grandiosity is ‘give me eight years and I’ll have have a f*cking moon base?!” Stewart cracked. “Did you start with Death Star and got kind of reined in?”


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