Jon Stewart Perfectly Illustrates Why American Politics In 2012 Is So Damn Revolting

06.12.12 4 Comments

As we’ve gotten deeper and deeper in the 2012 presidential election season, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly intolerant of any and all things politics. Like, I’ve felt myself — on the rare occasions when I flip to any of the cable news stations — wanting to punch myself in the nuts after five minutes, if I can even tune in for that long.

This is striking to me because for most of my adult life I’ve at least enjoyed paying attention to politics for entertainment purposes, much like I do with sports. I’d regularly watch CNN, MSNBC and even Fox News occasionally, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do so much anymore. Hell, I’ve found myself dreading just turning on CNN to try to find out more about a breaking news story because I’m inevitably assaulted by something awful and depressing concerning American politics. I feel like the cable networks are now just trying to appeal to the crazies on each side (sometimes referred to as the lowest common denominator), and I know I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Here’s what Dustin at Warming Glow wrote on Pajiba about this very thing

This is also what politics has devolved into: It’s never about the issues. It’s about the gaffes. Opposing camps and the media pick up on carelessly worded soundbites and throw them in each other’s face. This is why winning politicians are typically wooden and dull, because it’s not about who can make the better, more charismatic argument, it’s about who can stick their foot in the mouth less frequently. Frankly, it’s kind of boring, and I’m tired of marshaling a head of faux-outrage every time a candidate I disagree with says something he doesn’t actually mean, or trying to defend words that I know my candidate didn’t mean.

Make. It. Stop.

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