Jon Stewart Points Out The Hypocrisy In Bloomberg's Proposed Ban On Sugary Drinks

06.01.12 10 Comments

As you may have heard, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to outlaw drinks containing sugar delivered in packaging 16ozs or larger. The diminutive billionaire tyrant went on the Today Show this morning to make his case.

“We’re not banning you from getting the stuff. It’s just if you want 32 ounces, the restaurant has to serve it in two glasses,” the wee crusader said. “That is not exactly taking away your freedoms. It is not something the Founding Fathers fought for.”

While some people familiar around these parts support this, I personally think Bloomberg can go f*ck himself. I supported his smoking ban because people smoking in public places affects the health of other people — it’s a law that, at its core, protects innocent people from being harmed by the whims of others. If someone at the table next to me in a restaurant is drinking a 48oz glass of soda, I’m not influenced by it in any way. If that same person is chain-smoking Camels, I’m influenced in that moment and possibly down the line with FREAKING CANCER.

Banning large soft drinks is simply a goddamn nanny state overreach. How is this any different from this nation’s utterly retarded drug laws? If someone wants to put things in their body that may harm them but isn’t harming other people, screw it, let them do it. And, contrary to what Lord Micromanage thinks, there’s an argument to be made that the country’s founders did fight for such freedoms.

Additionally, there’s the issue of the hypocrisy inherent within a proposed law that “combines draconian government overreach people love with the probable lack of results they expect,” as Jon Stewart put it last night.

“As a New Yorker I can go on my lunch break to, I don’t know, Carnegie Deli and order 14 pounds of pastrami garnished with 7 pounds of beef tongue,” Stewart noted.” It’s like eating a cow with a rye bread yamaka yarmulke.”

Here’s part one of last night’s Bloomberg takedown…

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