Jon Stewart Returns From Vacation To Find An America Gone Mad Over Birth Control


It’s an unwritten law of the universe that each and every time the Daily Show and the Colbert Report go on hiatus that crazy sh*t begins to happen all over the place in America, thereby depriving us of the artful nightly satirizing of said crazy sh*t we all need to help us get through it with our sanity intact. Take for instance, the outbreak of Weinergate last summer — no Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert to be found until it was all over. It was a sad time in America.

So of course when Stewart and his staff took vacation last week all hell broke loose, this time in the form of Rick Santorum — a fundamentalist Christian fringe candidate synonymous with anal sex discharges who literally believes that men and women should only bone when they’re trying to have a baby — and the sudden controversy over birth control…BIRTH CONTROL FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! It’s as if America was transported back to the Mad Men era by time machine when we weren’t looking or something.

Anyway, Stewart weighed in last night, hilariously. Enjoy…

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