Jon Stewart’s Takedown Of CNN Last Night Was Positively Cringeworthy


Last night, just as I was about to drift off into my subconscious world where I’d have dirty, rough sex with my waitress at dinner last night, the Daily Show came back from commercial and Jon Stewart uttered the following sentence: “Here at the show, we rag on CNN a lot, mostly because they’re terrible.”

It was at this moment that I sprung up, rubbed my eyes and sat at attention, for as awesome as the Daily Show‘s frequent takedowns of Fox News are — and they are quite epic — there are few things I enjoy more than a good Daily Show takedown of CNN. I suppose this is because with Fox News we just expect them to be ridiculous, whereas with CNN it’s just disappointing that they’re so awful, so often. For Christ’s sake, they’re supposed to be the serious cable news channel and too often I come away feeling as though I’ve had my intelligence bitch-slapped by watching them cater to their audience’s lowest common denominator!

Which brings me to last night.

Apparently, CNN has a new early morning show called Early Start where the hosts essentially prank call famous people at 5am. Has it really come to this, Ashleigh Banfield? Take it away, Jon…

Naturally, Banfield now haz a sad that Jon Stewart made fun of her.

“I was really in a rough way last night after my hero, Jon Stewart — my absolute hero, I never miss an episode of the Daily Show, I was a guest on his show, and he was so nice to me when I was there, and then what does he do?…I need thicker skin.”

If it makes you feel any better, Ash, I’d still cuddle with you.

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