Kelsey Grammer Joined Twitter Today And Immediately Started Correcting Grammar

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06.30.14 22 Comments

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With Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen a massive global blockbuster already and The Expendables 3 still more than a month away, actor Kelsey Grammer has a little free time on his hands. So he did what any sane adult would do and joined Twitter so he could correct everyone’s grammar. The man who played Dr. Frasier Crane logged into Twitter for the first time this afternoon and officially began his 140-character fun with a joke about how his last name is Grammer, which is almost like the word grammar. Get it? There’s a lot of hilarity to be had here.

What a great joke, right? Except he was being completely serious, because the first time that Grammer spotted a grammar mistake in a Tweet about him, he jumped all over it.

And you better believe that he’s going to notice a Tweet about Down Periscope, because that was the Godfather of his movie career. Okay, so Grammer had his fun, right? WRONG. There was another victim of his grammar hunt a few hours later.

Is this even really Kelsey Grammer? We have to believe it might be, because he has a blue checkmark. Is his only goal on Twitter to correct grammar? That would probably get pretty old. But does that mean we want him to stop now and just Tweet random thoughts like he’s a Kardashian? Kind of. How about we cap the grammar jokes at 10? That sounds like a good, fair deal.

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