Lewis Black Killed Last Night On The Chaz Bono/DWTS Controversy

I absolutely love Lewis Black. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good curmudgeonly rant — and I don’t really understand how anyone could not be — and no one quite delivers a curmudgeonly rant quite like Lewis Black (Sorry Andy Rooney). Thus, I am of the opinion that he’s underutilized — his profanity laced, pointy fingered, rants are all too infrequent on the show.

With that said, Black was on the show last night to fire rhetorical daggers at two noted TV doctors: Dr. Oz and Dr. Keith Ablow. His rant against Ablow, who’s been running around saying that Chaz Bono appearing on Dancing With The Stars would turn kids transgender, was particularly amazing. He absolutely destroyed every shred of logic in Ablow’s d*ck-headed assertions, in fact — not that there was much logic inherent in them in the first place, but still. It was so it made me want to leap up from my sofa and give Black a standing ovation.

Moar Lewis Black, pleez!