Louis CK Defends Tracy Morgan On Twitter


As you’ve probably heard, Tracy Morgan unleashed a bit of a tirade against gays at a recent stand-up show in Nashville. And just yesterday he released a lengthy apology and promised to return to Nashville to apologize to the offended audience members at that show personally. He did so for good reason — just about every non-backwards person on the planet was offended by the act, including Tina Fey and the head of NBC.

But Morgan has at least one staunch defender in his corner: Fellow occasionally controversial comedian Louis CK, who took to Twitter earlier today to blast people for blasting Morgan.

Here’s the string of tweets he wrote…

While I admire Louis CK’s defense of his colleague and “get” much of what he’s saying, I don’t think it’s all that clear that Morgan didn’t mean what he was saying, mainly because a lot of people perceive him to be, well, CRAZY, and that’s an image he’s cultivated, consciously or not is anyone’s guess, over the course of his career. He’s just so out there that it’s harder to tell if he means it when he talks about sh*t like killing his son if he comes out as gay than, say, Louis CK does if he said the same thing. In fact, if Louis CK made the same joke during his act, I wouldn’t think for a second that he meant it. Morgan isn’t given that same benefit of the doubt, and frankly it’s for good reason.

Still, Louis CK’s the funniest comedian out there these days…

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