Marc Maron Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Vacationing

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11.29.12 2 Comments

Last time comedian and podcaster to the stars Marc Maron dropped by Conan he simultaneously made us laugh while depressing the hell out of us, something only truly gifted and troubled comedians can do. A year later I’m happy to report he of questionable shorts selection went lighter on the seriousness and heavier on the funny during his appearance. One topic in particular steered the conversation.

I don’t think Maron intended to turn his entire visit into a hilarious manifesto on vacationing, but that’s exactly what happened, and it’s pretty wonderful. Giant aloof roosters, Raiders of the Lost Ark metaphors, getting-to-know-your-girlfriend-in-an-exotic-location sort of wonderful. Parts one and two below. Enjoy like you enjoyed the charm of a failed communist dictatorship.

The ex-wives stuff at the end really brings the whole thing home.

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