Mario Lopez’s Dog Has A Creepy Twitter Account

Entertainment Editor
02.03.12 2 Comments

When Buzzfeed first tipped us off to the @JulioCCLopez Twitter account, I assumed it was a funny parody account along the lines of our friends @NotGaryBusey, @Nick_Nolte, @ShirtlessTatum, @SharonAStone, and @NotJayCutler. Then I noticed Mario Lopez’s verified page confirming the account as his dog’s dedicated Twitter. So, yeah, Mario Lopez’s dog has a Slater-approved Twitter, and it’s every bit as cheesy as we could have hoped.
As you can see by the highlights in the slideshow below, Julio the dog loves to overshare about the “bitches” he’s into, the alcohol he’s imbibing, the Spanish he can fluently speak, and the paternity tests he passed. Sometimes it crosses into “too much information” territory, but mostly it’s just a funny, surreal experience. Slater’s dog is hitting on women on Twitter for all of us to witness, you guys. It’s a great time to be alive.

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