Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife Photobomb Chinese Police Documentary

05.29.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Considering China’s past attempts to reign in the internet — specifically its attempts to clamp down on social media use by its people — it’s kind of hysterical that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, recently spotted dining at McDonald’s while honeymooning in Italy, made a bizarre cameo in a snippet from a Chinese documentary on police work that’s floating around the web today.

Reports Fox News:

The documentary by CCTV was part of a series on Chinese police and high-tech crime-solving methods. A few seconds of footage showing Zuckerberg and Chan walking behind two police officers were shown included in a brief clip posted online by the Hebei province satellite station.

The footage shows the couple wearing the same clothes they were photographed in during a March 27 visit to Shanghai. Zuckerberg wears his custom hooded sweat shirt, this time in brown, and blue jeans, while Chan wears a printed short dress.

The clip shows Zuckerberg looking at the back of the police officers and smiling broadly as the couple walks off-screen. As they are shown, the narrator says: “There is a serious shortage in China’s police manpower.”

So is it a “docubomb” when someone photobombs a documentary? I’m asking for a friend.

Anyway, watch the clip below. Zuck and his bride make their cameos right at the 30-second mark.

(GIF via Gifhound)

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