Meet ‘Maggie,’ A University Of Maryland Student Making $180K A Year As A Stripper

“I make about $180,000 a year,” a college student who simply goes by Maggie told reporter Juju Chang, much to the disbelief and dropped jaws of poor, Ramen-eating university students across the nation. With porn star Belle Knox blowing the doors open* on the double lives of female college students earlier this year, the conversation is still plenty alive in the mainstream media. ABC 2 in New York City turned the focus on a girl like Maggie, who claimed that she’s a student by day and stripper by night (and sometimes vice versa), and while she admitted that her parents were “totally horrified” when they found out, they’re probably at least content that she’s going to graduate from the University of Maryland debt free and with plenty in savings.

A double major in Spanish and political science, Maggie doesn’t plan to make a career as a stripper, despite the fact that she’s supposedly earning more money than most college grads will see in their first five years out of school. But talking about her story on the local news is bound to bring her a few dozen new fans, so maybe she’ll consider grad school as well.

*Pun sort of intended.

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