Trying To Make Sense Of That Truly Nutty, Acid Trip Of A ‘Mr. Robot’ Episode

08.11.16 2 years ago 13 Comments


Nope. No intro. We’re diving right in. Let’s go.

1. Yo, Mr. Robot really opened up this week’s episode, “Master Slave,” with a 20-minute Too Many Cooks-esque sequence inspired by old ’90s sitcoms like Family Matters and Full House. Like, a pitch perfect one, right down to Elliot’s striped Zack Morris shirt and the laugh track, which the show used in very inappropriate moments, including but not limited to Darlene getting punched in the face by her mother, repeatedly. I’m going to try to analyze all of this in more detail momentarily, but for now, let’s all take a few seconds and reflect on the fact that it happened. All of it. Give Sam Esmail and Mr. Robot this: They are not afraid to take huge swings. I bet you thought “Elliot having an anarchist dead dad alter ego and periodically trying to make out with his sister because he forgets they’re related” would be the weirdest thing you’d see on this show. Nope! Alf killed a guy!

2. Let’s also quickly note the extra details they hit in all of this. They even carried it over to the commercial breaks with a fake early-’90s E Corp commercial for the internet, an old Bud Light commercial they wrangled somehow, and a recut promo for Suits that made it look like the show that followed Silk Stalkings on USA’s old schedule. This last one was wonderful. I want to watch that version of Suits more than the one that’s on now.

My favorite part, however, was the opening credits, which took the Family Matters font and then proceeded to get weird as all hell. Look at Angela’s face. Er, faces.

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