Nick Nolte’s Infamous Mugshot Is Not His Actual Mugshot, Says Nick Nolte


I was reading the profile of Nick Nolte in the new issue of GQ last night when I ran across this little nugget…

The common misconception about the freak-haired-wild-man photo taken that day is that it was Nolte’s police mug shot. It was not. (He did pose for a mug shot, but that has never leaked.) At the hospital where Nolte was taken for a blood test, a young officer asked him if he could take a Polaroid. “I said, ‘Come on, you don’t really want to ask that, do you?’ ” Nolte recalls. But he did. Nolte figured that the officer had been talking to the others about how this might be worth having, and so Nolte made him agree that, if he posed, the young officer would share any proceeds with his colleagues. “And I let him shoot the Polaroid.”

So the photo that the internet has come to embrace as Nick Nolte’s mugshot was actually an act of charity he performed for his arresting officers? If this is true man what I wouldn’t give to see the real one! How has that never leaked?

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