Nick Offerman Clarifies His ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Designation, Does Right By Channing Tatum

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12.12.12 6 Comments

Nick Offerman swung by Conan last night in his best Ron-Swanson-at-the-Woodworking-Awards attire last night and they discussed all things masculine: mustaches, man musk, handmade kazoos, and the little-something-for-the-philanthropic-ladies burlesque show that I must admit frightened the hell out of me (seriously, nipples in the wrong places are like a top five fear).

Of all the manly talk I must admit Nick clarifying his “People’s Sexiest Man Alive” designation in the beginning of the first clip below was my favorite part as I plan to borrow “to be fair to my friend Channing” when I’m explaining to the ladies at Dunkin Donuts that I was named “Sexiest Man Alive: Internet Edition” in the magazine’s lesser known online portion of the feature. “It’s kind of like those Oscars they give out the night before The Oscars.”

Also, WANT an Offerman Woodshop kazoo like yesterday.

We were all thinking exactly what Andy said despite being unclear of the exact implementation.

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