Old Spice Guy Accepts Fabio’s Challenge: Mano A Mano In El Baño

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07.26.11 3 Comments

Lesson learned. Never doubt Old Spice Marketing.

When Old Spice unveiled their “NewOldSpiceGuyFabio” campaign last week I legitimately thought they’d moved on from Isaiah Mustafa. What. A. Sucker. I was all like, “Yeah, the Fabio stuff is internet random, and Mustafa’s schtick doesn’t pack quite the punch it once did (plus he does Tyler Perry movies now), but this is internet! We don’t just discard things we’re tired of like worn underpants!” Actually, that’s exactly what we do. But Old Spice Guy is above all that.

But of course Old Spice new what they were doing. These are the same brilliant sons of b*tches who let Tim and Eric direct commercials for them. Yesterday Mustafa emerged, fresh off saving football, to awesomely accept Fabio’s challenge to a Highlander-esque battle to the finish: Mano a Mano in El Baño.

Mano a Mano in El Baño airs 12PM EST today on Old Spice’s YouTube channel. You’d think I was a loser who spent all day on the internet with how excited I am. Fabio’s initial challenge below, followed by Mustafa’s acceptance after the jump, and then the vintage boxing-style preview for the showdown, each then followed by my hyperbolic stream of consciousness while watching each video. Enjoy. See you at Internet Stadium!

“Blah, blah, blah, look it back.” It’s funny because Fabio is bad at English!

“Mine is a horse.” Ha, Fabio’s mailing it in!

“He give you diamonds from a clamfish? Dumb.” Fabio said clamfish!

“Blow wind” is now what I say when the wind blows!

Did Fabio say “internets”?!

I want “DUEL!” guns!

I now totally believe that Old Spice Guy saved football!

I really need to remember that line for the next time I’m busted stalking a barista!

“Man with hair…accented vernacular.”
He’s describing Fabio!

Luffas are for girls!

They’ve used time zone nuance to insinuate this is East Coast/West Coast beef!


Internet Stadium is a made up thing!

Update! Here are the rules of engagement:

Source: Old Spice

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