One Of The Men Who Killed Bin Laden Spoke To ’60 Minutes’ Last Night, Says He Went To Taco Bell After Mission

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Last night 60 Minutes aired an interview with “Mark Owen,” a member of the SEAL Team Six squadron that raided Osama Bin Laden’s compound last year and, of course, killed the terrorist. Wearing prosthetics to hide his appearance and with his voice altered, Owen walked Scott Pelley through the entire mission, beginning to end, and it was downright fascinating, revealing that it was a CIA female analyst who actually had pinpointed Bin Laden’s location.

The team got several days off at home around Easter. Then, in late April, about a month after they got the mission, they loaded on a plane bound for a U.S. base in Afghanistan. The president wasn’t convinced yet. No one confirmed that bin Laden was the Pacer, so SEAL Team 6 was on standby. One of the passengers on their plane was a CIA analyst who had spent five years on bin Laden’s trail.

Mark Owen: I can’t give her enough credit. I mean, she, in my opinion, she kind of teed up this whole thing. And is just, you know, wicked smart, kind of feisty. And she was, you know, we’d always talk back and forth, “Hey, what do you think the odds of this are? What do you think the odds of that are?” You know? “Hey, you know, what you do think? Think he’s there?” She’s like, “One hundred percent. One hundred percent he’s there.”

Also, what does a Navy SEAL eat upon returning to the U.S. after killing Bin Laden? Taco Bell, of course.

Scott Pelley: When you landed back in the United States, what did you think of all the media coverage?

Mark Owen: It was all surreal because, you know, this had all been so hush-hush leading up to it. We went and did it. And now it was the biggest news story ever. We got on a bus. They drove us back to work. I didn’t even go in. They told us we had a couple days off. And I grabbed my keys, went and got in my truck and, you know, I put it in the book. But, you know, I hit Taco Bell on the way home, hit the drive-thru, a couple tacos. And, you know, ate it in my car right there and then drove home.

Scott Pelley: You were part of the team that killed Osama bin Laden and the first thing you do when you get back to the United States is go to Taco Bell?

Mark Owen: Two tacos and a bean burrito. It’s routine.

Watch the whole thing below…

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