Oprah Was Flat-Out Begging People With Nielsen Boxes To Watch Her Network On Twitter Last Night

02.13.12 2 Comments

Poor Oprah. In addition for being confused for Whitney Houston by dolts on Facebook, she’s apparently fallen on hard times. Nobody is watching her network, OWN, which I believe translates to “Oprah’s version of Lifetime, only worse.” How bad has it gotten for the once powerful queen of daytime TV, who was once so influential that she was able to spark fried chicken riots by merely passing gas? So bad that she was openly begging for her Twitter followers, especially those with Nielsen boxes (something she could get trouble for doing), to flip over to OWN during the Grammys last night.

Oprah then proceeded to spar with some of her followers who dared to criticize her for using Twitter to beg for viewers. She come a long way from having megastar celebrities jump up and down on her couch, hasn’t she? #pray4oprah

(Facebook screengrab via)

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