An Audience Member Vomited During Paul Rudd's Broadway Show So He Did A Top Ten List About It

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11.20.12 3 Comments

My fingers aren’t exactly on the pulse of the theater scene so I wasn’t even aware Paul Rudd is currently in a Broadway show (with Michael Shannon!) let alone that last week an audience member vomited from the balcony in the middle of his performance (I’m actually much more surprised the latter wasn’t on my radar). But like any good thespian who is forced to act his way through a puke session, Paul took to Letterman to share his thoughts via top ten list.

I can’t remember the last time a Late Show top ten presenter wasn’t a politician or an athlete who couldn’t deliver lines worth a damn so needless to say — despite needing to hit our monthly Paul Rudd quota — this is a share. Even if I’m Paul could have ad libbed (or maybe even ad danced?) top ten entries funnier than half of these.

So yeah, I prefer my Paul Rudd a little less buttoned up, but Paul Rudd is like sex and/or pizza, so, enjoy…

#2 is always the best, right? Why is that?

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