ABC Decides Ricky Gervais Teaming With Kids Will Give Them Their Next Game Show Triumph

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10.13.16 2 Comments

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Black t-shirt enthusiast and notorious giggly funnyman Ricky Gervais is coming to U.S. network TV for something other than a Golden Globes hosting gig. He’s bringing a gaggle of moppets along with him too.

The Extras star has sorted out a deal with former Are You Hot? broadcaster ABC to star and executive produce the game show Five to Survive. According to a report from Variety, the program boasts “adult guests answering questions in pursuit of cash prizes with the assistance of Gervais and a panel of children.” If the questions are about how to get a quality pop in on Mel Gibson, we’re inclined to recommend going with Gervais’ help. Aside from that, we’ll have to wait and see.

“I’ve never understood the saying ‘never work with animals or children,’” offered Gervais about the project. “As a producer and director, I prefer either to Hollywood actors. They’re cheaper, they do as they’re told, and the filming hours are better.”

This could be a pretty good gig for Gervais. He’s skilled with a quip, a pro at handling uncomfortable moments and Steve Harvey serves as an excellent example of how comedians can do their own thing with a game show and show off their chops when working with kids. Granted, if one of the children on the show is a celebrity they might get roasted, but we’d tune in for that too. Consider us intrigued and with high hopes over who gets tapped to host.

(Via Variety)

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