Rupert Murdoch Is Stepping Down As 21st Century Fox CEO, But Isn’t ‘Going Anywhere’

06.11.15 4 years ago 3 Comments
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Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of the all-encompassing media power behemoth 21st Century Fox, is stepping down from his position at the age of 84 and leaving the company in the hands of his son, James Murdoch. However, while he’ll be relinquishing his title of CEO, he will remain on as the executive chairman. According to a source who spoke to the Hollywood Reporter, Murdoch the Elder isn’t “going anywhere.”

To clear up any confusion, 21st Century Fox refers to the company that owns 20th Century Fox, the movie and television studio, as well as the Fox News Group, Fox Television Stations, Fox Networks, and other companies including Hulu. It was formerly known as News Corporation, but after the phone-hacking scandal of newspapers owned by Murdoch’s company, News Corporation (later News Corp.), it was decided that the cootie-filled papers should be separate from the less-cootie-filled entertainment portion of the company (which includes permanently cootie-infested Fox News Channel). And to indicate a step into the future (and away from the scandals), the new company was called 21st Century Fox.

But 21st Century Fox still technically owns everything, and Rupert Murdoch — and his Twitter account — are still planning to be all up in everything. Why? Because he’s probably figured out a way to work less, retain power, and never, ever die.

Congratulations on your un-retirement, Rupert.


(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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