Sam Jackson Won’t Answer Your ‘Django Unchained’ N-Word Questions Unless You Say The N-Word

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01.02.13 22 Comments

Sam Jackson is great and Django Unchained is great. These things are undeniable. So when “Emmy Winner” Jake Hamilton of Jake the Movie Guy asked real life Jules Winnfield about the “controversy” surrounding the use of the n-word in the movie, Mr. Jackson — the guy who drops f-bombs on live television — awesomely flipped the script on the whole idea of a controversy by saying he wouldn’t discuss it unless the interviewer was willing to say the word. SPOILER ALERT: Jake gets uncomfortable.

The cast interviews video below is a couple weeks old but — between the holidays and the length — Reddit just got around to unearthing the best part. It’s auto-forwarded for your viewing convenience.

Reminder to Jake Hamilton: Jon Cryer is also an Emmy Winner. Calm it down a notch.

Via Reddit

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