Seth Rogen Killed The Independent Spirit Awards Opening Monologue

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02.27.12 3 Comments

Did you dedicate the majority of your night last night to the 84th annual Academy Awards? Please tell me you did so with the assistance of booze and the Film Drunk open thread, because if not, that was one hell of a boring ordeal to go through alone and you should probably start rethinking some life decisions.

The internet is going to be all Oscars recappy today but I simply don’t have it in me to revisit anything that doesn’t involve Angelina Jolie leg bombs. All I really want to do — a public service, if you will — is assist the UPROXX faithful in washing the collective dullness and Billy Crystal’s botox’d variety of comedy out of our brains. Enter Seth Rogen’s opening monologue from the Independent Spirit Awards, where Bryan Cranston did something awesome, the night before.

It is the anti-Oscars in every excellent way imaginable and I can’t recommend it enough. The running venue jokes alone (“Nothing says independent film like every city’s most expensive building.”) makes it worth your time. Top those with Ratner and Chris Brown jabs, along with a blatant disregard for all things awards season, and you’ve got me feeling much better about the world we live in. Hopefully there’s not a Green Hornet 2 in the works that I don’t know about.

Sit back. Hit play. Dedicate fifteen minutes of your day to a system cleanse and thank us later. NSFW audio.

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