Smart Car Pwns Ad Exec On Twitter With Brilliant Bird Crap Infographic

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06.21.12 5 Comments

Swap out “a bird” for “Mel Gibson” = Exponentially funnier

Recently ad agency exec Clayton Hove, a self-titled “Concept Cowboy,” tweeted quite the unfunny observation: “Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car. Totaled it.” Seeing as there aren’t enough middle school boys on Twitter for this joke to gain traction it went relatively unnoticed. That is until the official Smart Car USA account decided to go all Schrute Facts on the concept cowboy’s claim and earned themselves a spot in internet pwnage history.

Smart Car’s reply tweet and corresponding infographic (complete with emu facts!) below. It’s such good marketing I’m officially using “back seat of a Smart Car” instead of “back seat of a Volkswagen” for all “someplace uncomfortable” jokes going forward.

If it later comes out that this was all Clayton’s brilliant marketing idea, then I will concede that he truly is the concept cowboy. Let’s cross our fingers that he’s just an ad exec who really likes bad poop jokes.

Twitter via Reddit

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