SNL Continued Its Valiant Comeback On Saturday Night With Anna Faris

10.17.11 2 Comments

We’ve noted here in recent weeks that SNL — which just about everyone agrees has been mediocre to below average in recent years — has been stepping up its game in this new season, its 856th. Case in point: Saturday night’s “What’s Wrong With Tanya” skit, a dark, sometimes intensely hilarious mocking of Lifetime where contestants on a game show (“The game show where mothers from Lifetime original movies try and guess what’s wrong with beautiful daughter, Tanya.”) compete to win prizes like “a Volvo filled with groceries.” It featured Bill Hader — someone I think is one of the funniest people alive at the moment and one who’d be a megastar had he been on the show in a different, more funny era — at his best, and a quite LOL-worthy performance by Faris as “Mary Jo Beth Jojo.”

And is it just me or has Anna Faris had some work done?

(HT: Splitsider)

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