Leslie Jones Searches For Love On ‘SNL’ And It Ends Poorly For Dave Chappelle

The final sketch of the night for SNL is usually an odd one, but this one is hard to truly peg down. It isn’t exactly weird in the same way as many of the “10 to 1” sketches we’ve seen on the show, but it also comes with a funny kicker at the end. It starts with a very dramatic Leslie Jones discussing her unlucky love life and how it makes her feel with the other cast members at SNL. It’s kinda sad at first until you realize it is an actual sketch, right around the time Kyle Mooney walks in as Jones love interest on the show.

At this point, it goes from a story of Jones being unlucky in love to Mooney being a weird, magic-loving virgin that even Lorne Michaels wants to see get laid. From there we get some romantic talk, a little jealousy against Colin Jost and his banter with Jones on Weekend Update, and finally the moment where they seal the deal.

This is where the sketch goes from just being a quick laugh to end the show to being one of the better from the night — which is saying a lot considering how the show started. This is where Dave Chappelle comes in and we find out they did the deed in his dressing room. The reaction makes the entire thing worth it. So if you can make it through all the fake romance, it’s a pretty great sketch.

(Via SNL)

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