Five Moments That Mattered In ‘Wieners Out,’ This Week’s Wet Episode Of ‘South Park’

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10.13.16 3 Comments

Fortunately, as if the comedy gods (or simply Matt Stone and Trey Parker) sensed that it’s just too much, this week’s South Park episode, “Wiener’s Out,” is free of election commentary. Pretty sure we could all use a break from the ridiculousness and awfulness of the real-life Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich dilemma, even if it means seeing Gerald and Sheila Broflovski take their relationship to the next level.

This week, Butters convinced the other boys to stand up for themselves in the face of female bigotry, while Gerald continues to be torn between the thrill of the LULZ and taking his place among the trolls, as the people of Denmark organize their mysterious assault on SkankHunt42. Let’s waste no time and dive into the hilarious and particularly disgusting “Wieners Out”…

“I’m a boy, dagnabbit. I’m proud of my little wiener.”

Butters has been praised as the author of the most brilliantly disgusting book ever written and he was once a schoolyard pimp who changed the game forever. However, in perhaps his strongest moment, he is now the leader of the “#WeinersOut” movement and he’s sure to be grounded once his parents find out that he is leading the other boys in standing up to the girls’ first attack in the Gender War. Letting their little ding dongs hang out has shown the girls that breaking up with the boys has only made them stronger. They will no longer feel shame for their wieners, and you know they mean business when even Stan has dropped his pants, just as Wendy seemed to be changing her mind.

As always, that leaves Kyle as the lone voice of reason, and this battle is so tough that he is calling on his greatest nemesis as an ally.

“I’m starting to feel a lot of guilt just for being a boy. How do I not feel that?”

Wow, look at Kyle becoming quite the cuck. Sorry, this election has gotten to me and I’ve seen that word used so much on Twitter that I just wanted to try it once. Cuck! Cuck! Sounds like a chicken with a lisp. But I don’t want to take away from the plight of the Alpha Males. That said, “Uncle Kyle” is, once again, one boy against the world, and he seeks the help of the Twitter-less Eric Cartman to bring Butters down. Except, this is no longer the Cartman who once fed a boy his own parents in a bowl of chili.

“I saw a vagina, Kyle,” Cartman tells his foe before adding, “I saw the potential for our species to terraform other planets and reach the infinite.” The greatest change that South Park could make is having Cartman mature and reverse his wicked, racist, and misogynistic behavior. But that’s… that not fun, right? And that can’t be what’s happening here, as he tells Kyle how his girlfriend, Heidi, is the funniest person he knows.

The burn on this one is so slow and deceptive that, when surrounded by the other actions and revelations of just this episode, I am now sort of scared of what Cartman may become. Mostly because what he will become may be what he already is.

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