Stephen Colbert Polling At 5% In South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Even Though He’s Not In The Race


As you may have heard, Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary last night. Congrats Mitt! Now the race for the GOP presidential nomination moves to South Carolina, where a new poll of the state’s Republicans that included Stephen Colbert as a candidate, even though he’s not running, was released last night. The result: He’s polling at 5%, placing him ahead of real candidates Jon Huntsman and Buddy Roemer.

Yes, Public Policy Polling included Colbert in their latest GOP poll after Colbert almost succeeded at getting the primary named after him, in addition to almost getting a referendum on the ballot that would have granted personhood to corporations.

Reports The Guardian:

In a statement on the poll, Public Policy Polling graciously announced “our team at PPP decided if he couldn’t get all that stuff on the actual ballot, we could at least poll it for him.”

So PPP tapped 1,112 likely Republican primary voters, and found that Colbert is polling at 5%, putting him in sixth place, just a hair ahead of Jon Huntsman and soundly trouncing Buddy Roemer’s 1%.

But on the more serious matter of corporate personhood, PPP found Colbert would have had support on his proposed referendum. Only a third (33%) of likely voters think that ‘corporations are people’ compared to 67% who think that ‘only people are people.’

Meanwhile, poor Rick Perry continues to fail. He barely pulled one percent of the vote in New Hampshire last night and he’s reportedly been begging Tim Tebow to endorse him. Obviously, he can feel Tim Tebow’s fire.


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