Stephen Colbert Runs First Presidential Campaign Ad, Accuses Mitt Romney Of Being A Serial Killer

01.16.12 4 Comments

Okay, first of all, Happy MLK Day, you guys! For benefit of those of you who may be stuck at work or just at home bored and playing around on the internet, we’re going to throw up a few posts today, but it’ll be lighter than usual. We’ll get back to our regular posting schedule tomorrow.

Now this: As you probably know, Stephen Colbert is running for “President of the United States of South Carolina,” and in doing so was forced by federal election laws to turn over control of his Colbert Super PAC to Jon Stewart. Over the weekend, said super PAC began running a Mitt Romney attack ad voiced by John Lithgow, an ad that Colbert hilariously denied having anything to do with.

“I am not calling anyone a serial killer,” Colbert said on ABC’s This Week yesterday. “That’s not my super PAC.”

The ad is play on two things: Mitt Romney’s previous statment that “corporations are people,” along with criticism from GOP opponents (namely Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich) that Romney’s former firm, Bain Capital, profited greatly from “vulture capitalism” — the practice of buying up struggling companies, downsizing the staff, stripping the company of prime assets, and then selling the slimmed down corpse of the company. (Sadly, the ad does not mention Seamus, the Romney family dog.)

“If Mitt Romney really believes ‘corporations are people, my friend’ — then Mitt Romney is a serial killer,” the ad ominously warns. “Stop ‘Mitt the Ripper’ before he kills again.”

This whole thing has to be the greatest piece of performance satire America has ever seen, right?

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