Steve Harvey Met His ‘Twin’ On ‘Family Feud’ And It Was Amazing

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09.11.16 8 Comments

Steve Harvey is built for awesome game show moments. Heck, the man’s made Family Feud as relevant as it has ever been, while also providing the best reactions on television. We’re spoiled, basically. So when Harvey met a contestant that looked awfully familiar on his game show, the results were spectacular.

The video you see nestled above features Harvey engaged in a bit of a chat with a contestant bearing an uncanny resemblance to the King of Comedy. The man, a full-time pastor named Olden Thornton, informed his fellow smooth-domed mustache enthusiast that he gets called Steve Harvey every day. It’s probably nice to be compared to a (popular) celebrity, although Thornton had a pretty understandable gripe about it: “And I don’t even have your money.”

It’s a charming back-n-forth with both Steve Harvey and Steve Hardly getting some fun banter in. Thornton even got a glowing (if theatrically reluctant) endorsement from his doppelgänger.

“I hate to say this, but I’m an honest guy,” offered Harvey to Thornton. “You’re actually a little better looking than I am.”

When it comes to reasons why your Family Feud appearance is blowing up online, there are definitely worse scenarios.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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