The 10 Best Ever Representations of Jiggle TV

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09.26.11 11 Comments

“Jiggle TV” is a real thing, bro. Back in the 1970s, America began to tire of socially conscious television like “All in the Family,” “Good Times,” and “One Day at a Time,” which made viewers feel bummed about poor people and minorities, so the struggling ABC network decided to lighten the mood with what TV critics termed “Jiggle Television.”

The term was originally applied to a television show called “Sugar Time” that was about an aspiring female rock group. That label would then be applied to the number one show on this list, and so begun a trend based on TV-centered sexual gratification that would continue to the present, with most recently, the debuts of “The Playboy Club” and the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot. Basically, the elements of Jiggle TV are these: 1) A main character or characters who are women, 2) that wear revealing clothing, and that 3) contain uncomplicated plot lines that do not distract male viewers from the jiggle.

In the slideshow that follows, we will gawk gaze upon the history of Jiggle TV by looking back at the 10 Best Jiggle Television shows, past and present.

10. Xena: Warrior Princess

9. Wonder Woman

8. Annie-Centered episodes of “Community”

7. North Shore

6. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

5. Three’s Company

4. Cleopatra 2525

3. She Spies

2. Baywatch

1. Charlie’s Angels

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