The Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore Destroyed Newt Gingrich Last Night

12.14.11 3 Comments

In a recent interview, Republican presidential candidate and real life Dickens character Newt Gingrich argued that child labor laws in the U.S. should be abolished so that poor kids in poor neighborhoods could be forced to work as janitors at their schools, thus teaching them work ethic and saving the government some money at the same time (child janitors don’t need to be paid as much as adult janitors, you see).

“Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and nobody around them who works,” the rotund, pompous, philandering former Speaker of the House said.

Naturally, a slew of people who grew up poor, myself included, and people who are currently poor, took offense to Gingrich’s assertion that the root of being poor is an aversion to hard to work, i.e. laziness. But let’s face it — in reality Gingrich was really targeting black people with his comments. So last night, Daily Show “Senior Black Correspondent” Larry Wilmore, doubling as the show’s “Senior Poverty Correspondent,” took Gingrich to the woodshed. It was kind of great. Enjoy.

Additionally, this two-part skewering of Lowes for dropping it’s advertising on a reality show about Muslims in America was spot on as well.

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