Honda’s Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial Is Here For Your Early Viewing Pleasure

This will be EVERYwhere today so there’s no way you’ll miss it. I’m only posting it here out of that weird follow-up obligation I get when I’ve covered something on an earlier date. The mentality is kind of inexplicable because I never seek closure in personal relationships.

Anyhoo, it’s for Honda, as was pointed out, and it’s not Matthew Broderick reprising Ferris Bueller, as much as it’s an homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. While also being a Honda CRV commercial. One of my buddies drove the pseudo-SUV in college and was regularly asked when he had to get his sister’s car back to her. True story.

The ad is fun enough, could be a lot worse. I feel about it exactly how I predicted I’d feel about it after watching the teaser clip. Kind of BS Honda couldn’t dust off the wallet for a Jennifer Grey cameo though. She’s a fine wine. Video after the jump.

Oh, and because EDSBS’s tweet is too good not to include:

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