The Globe and Mail Makes Fun of Celebrity Excess Through the Lens of Occupy Wall Street

As the Occupy Wall Street movement has grown, I’ve wanted the whole thing to take a Project Mayhem-like turn, with the common man finding new ways to strike at corporations and the upper class. (“We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not… f**k with us.”)
Alas, no Wall Street traders have been threatened to have their balls removed (to my knowledge), but the internet found a hero at Toronto’s Globe and Mail.  The G&M published its “
celebrity photos of the week” with subversive captions like this:

Week Five of the Occupy Wall Street movement finds couture-and-pearls-bedecked actress Elizabeth McGovern preoccupied with America’s growing income disparity at the New York Film Festival premiere of “My Week With Marilyn” in a swank New York City hotel on Sunday.

The Globe and Mail has since added an editor’s note clarifying that the newspaper has “salty” captions every week, so — sadly –there’s NOT a Tyler Durden-esque character out there writing captions and peeing in soup. But that makes the captions no less enjoyable — click through to see some of the best mainstream media snark you’re likely to see all year.

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