The Greatest Unscripted Scenes In Film (A Video Gallery)

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08.15.11 4 Comments


Since YouTube best-of compilation-maker extraordinaire MewLists is in and on our brain today, here’s a little something extra: He recently put together a video of 25 great unscripted scenes in film, and the picture of R. Lee Ermey is above because he’s a master of on-screen improv. Also because he’ll probably kill us if we don’t put his picture up at least once a week. (It’s called the Ermey Tax, and all bloggers pay it, either in free promotion or in blood.)

Anyway, after much help from some fantastic Redditors, we’ve found some scenes that weren’t included in the compilation and we’ve got a run down of those after the jump. FYI, there might be NSFW audio in some of these — be sure to keep the captioning on for the first video, as it explains each scene. Also, if someone looks over your shoulder from across the room, they might think you’re watching fancy subtitled movies like a refined artiste. And then sex is on.

Heath Ledger stayed in character like a boss.


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