The Heartbreaking End To The Wild Animal Escape In Ohio

10.19.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

As you may have heard, the owner of an “exotic animal” farm in Ohio set free his entire cast of animals last night just prior to killing himself. Dozens of wild animals were let loose in total, and rather than taking them down with tranquilizers, authorities in Ohio shot and killed most of them. The photo above that was posted to Twitter a few minutes ago by AFP photographer Alex Ogle shows the end result of the carnage.

Reports Bloomberg:

Law officers shot 48 animals and buried them on the property, including 18 tigers, nine lions, eight lionesses, three mountain lions, six black bears, two grizzly bears and a baboon, (Muskingum County Sheriff Matt ) Lutz said during a news conference at a makeshift operations center near the Thompson property. A gray wolf and monkey were still loose, and the monkey may be carrying a virus, Lutz said.

Great. Just freaking great. There are only about 1400 bengal tigers left on the planet and 18 of them were killed today in Ohio.

Well done, Ohio. Well done. Ugh. I need a drink.

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