The Muppets Respond To Criticism From Fox News


You may recall early last month when a Fox News panel accused the Muppets of being a secret brainwashing tool used by liberals/socialists/communists to win the hearts and and minds of young Americans — all because an oil company exec was portrayed as a villain in the recent Muppets movie.

For such an offense, here’s a sampling of the criticism the Muppets elicited on a Fox Business channel show in early December.

“We’re teaching our kids class warfare! Where are we, communist China?”

“It’s brainwashing in the most obvious form!”

“I just wish liberals could just leave little kids alone!”

“It’s amazing how far the left will go to manipulate your kids to give the anti-corporate message.”

“I mean this is a Muppet movie for goodness sakes! The only thing green on the screen should be Kermit!”

“What they’re telling your kids is what they told them in The Matrix: that mankind is a virus on poor old Mother Earth.”

At a press conference over the weekend, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog were asked about the criticism. Here’s their response…

+1 Muppets.

(HT: The Daily What)

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