The ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ Reboot Is Back From The Dead

The reboot/remake/sequel to National Lampoon’s Vacation is officially back on again. You might remember how it got derailed over a disagreement on the rating last year (which shouldn’t be an issue if you look at titanic sh*t that was The Expendables 3).

Most of the details remain the same storywise, but they’ve added a few new cast members to try to entice fans into thinking this is a good idea. From The Hollywood Reporter:

The new movie sees Ed Helms starring as Rusty Griswold, the grown-up son of Clark Griswold (Chase) who takes his family on a road trip similar to the one he and his parents and sister took when he was young.

Christina Applegate is on board as Rusty’s wife. Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are to make cameos in the movie, which begins shooting in September after having been delayed.

Hemsworth, who sources say has been itching to do a comedy for awhile, will play Stone Crandall, an up-and-coming anchorman and the husband of Rusty’s sister, Audrey. The latter part has not yet been cast.

Day will cameo as a river-rafting guide.

I know we just got We’re The Millers, so I can’t really see how this is going to possibly do what they did any better. That’s not saying what they did was good. It’s saying that the family trip thing has been done and done better, namely by the original Vacation movie.

I could go on and say that they shouldn’t remake movies, but that’s pretty tired at this point. Almost as tired as these remakes. So all I can say is don’t go see it. Save your money for the Blu-Ray special edition of the original movie.

(Via The AV Club / The Hollywood Reporter)