The New York Post Just Can’t Help Itself

11.11.11 3 Comments

An admission: I love the New York Post. Yes, it’s a trash rag newspaper and I try my best not to be seen holding a copy of it in public with I’m in New York (I often stick it inside the New York Times until I get to home from the newsstand), but it’s a consistent source of guilty-pleasure LOLs. Judge me accordingly.

So with all the WTF! things going on this week (seriously, universe — can you let up a little?!), the Post naturally decided to make Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter idiocy and his equally dumb response to the uproar over it as its lead “news” story today. Whatever — I won’t even bother getting into the editorial decision-making process behind that.

But what I will point out is that tweet attributed to Late Show head writer and executive producer Eric Stangel ON THE COVER OF THE PAPER was…wait for it…not tweeted by Stangel.

Rather, it was tweeted by this guy, Josh Hara…

Now, here’s the thing: Hara’s tweet also wasn’t even retweeted by Stangel. If that had been the case — making it actually appear on Stangel’s Twitter page — then perhaps I could understand how some salty, Twitter-ignorant newspaper editor could wrongly attribute a tweet ON THE COVER OF THE PAPER. So how the hell did they…you know what, why even bother trying to connect the dots to figure out how this happened. It’s the New York F-ing Post after all. I’ll just let Public Enemy take it from here…

“Here’s a letter to the New York Post, the worst piece of paper on the East Coast…it makes no goddamn sense at all, America’s oldest, continuously published daily piece of bullsh*t.”

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