The World Is A Better Place Because This Clip Of Joe Pesci On The Arsenio Hall Show Exists


One of the sad things about modern life is that Joe Pesci isn’t as big of a star as he used to be. He’s sort of been pushed off of the cultural radar, for an assortment of reasons — one of them rumored to be that he’s an as$hole who’s difficult to work with — but thankfully we have YouTube to remind us just how crazy/awesome he was back when he was in his prime and one of the biggest movie stars around for a brief period in time.

So here’s Pesci on the Arsenio Hall show in 1992 wearing dark glasses and smoking a cigar — looking and sounding like he’d possibly be cutting off a pizzeria owner’s pinkie for being late repaying a debt immediately after the taping. There’s also a great moment at around the 2:30 mark where Pesci, in response to Hall asking him if he gets to choose his female co-stars or not, makes a subtle reference to the existence to Hollywood’s infamous casting couch.

“You see so many actresses they all, ugh, apply for the job, so to speak,” Pesci said with a coy smile.

More Joe Pesci, less Taylor Lautner, please.

(HT: Peter Atencio)

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