The Worst Girlfriend In America Sold Her Boyfriend’s Dog While He Was Deployed

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06.17.14 22 Comments

When he was deployed to Afghanistan in March, Robby Gabbert probably thought that it was safe to leave his three-year old Shiba Inu, Baxter, in the care of his girlfriend. He probably didn’t think that he’d end up becoming the subject of news stories and a Facebook support page, but that all changed as soon as his fortunately unnamed girlfriend decided to sell Baxter on Craigslist. Sure, some people might think that we need to hear both sides of the story, but we live on an irrational Internet these days, and there are a lot of people who simply cannot believe that this girl would just up and sell her soldier boyfriend’s dog like that.

Fortunately, once Gabbert’s mom and other people discovered what happened, the story began to spread thanks to multiple reports by KOAA News, and the search for Baxter hit social media. Soon after, the Colorado military family that purchased the pooch was located and they were explained this awful story and asked to return the dog… and they said no. Despite the fact that Gabbert had Baxter since he was a puppy, this family suddenly felt attached to the dog after just a few months, and they reportedly just couldn’t take him away from their children like that. In response, the Facebook strangers reportedly raised $1,400 for “reward” money and have recruited the Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue to find the unnamed family another pup. They even want to make sure the family’s identity remains protected just so the typical Internet vigilantes won’t do them harm.

It is worth noting that Gabbert’s original Craigslist ad spells his dog’s name “Baxster,” and that has since been deleted (presumably because he found his dog). Additionally, it seems the Facebook page has vanished and this online fundraiser was deleted, so I’ll hope that an amicable solution has been reached and this wasn’t a big, heinous hoax. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this awful story.

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